Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I know how crazy the holiday season can be. I just want to remind everyone of a few things.
First if you have not picked up our newsletter, grab one at the school. Its has great information in it and I would encourage you to go over the Life Skill section with your children.

Second thing is please check the board and upcoming events for school closings and events happening during this month.

Next, don't forget that the holiday sale order forms are due by the 8th. All orders should be received by the week of the 17th. The earlier you turn in your from the earlier you can receive your order.

Lastly, with the month of Decemeber being shorter because of the time off, please continue to come to class regularly. I know this time of year is hectic and I really want to keep all of our students on track, so especially everyone who is getting ready for testing, keep coming to class.

Thank You for your continued support of our school and sincerely Happy Holidays!

Monday, November 19, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving

To all students, parents, friends, and families of World Class TKD, Happy Thanksgiving.

We appreciate your support of our school and continued success. We hope everyone has a fantastic holiday with your family and enjoy the food (don't worry about the calories, I'll help you burn them off)!

There will be no classes from Thursday the 22nd to Saturday the 24th. We have a modified schedule for those coming to class on Wednesday the 21st of Novemeber.

3:30- White Belt and Beginner Class

4:15- Little Tigers

5:00- Intermediate and Advanced Class

6:00- Adult Class

Monday, November 12, 2007

Self Defense Night

On Friday, November 16th, we will be running an adult self defense night. We are encouraging all adult students, parents and any other person that could benefit from some personal protection skills to come. It starts at 6:30 and will probably finish about 7:30.

The material that will be covered is practical self defense skills and mindset training. This class is going to be great especially with the Holiday Season coming up.

All adults are welcome to come and please bring a spouse, friend, or coworker. Everyone needs the knowledge from this class.

- Please wear comforatble clothing

Auburn/ Alabama Friend Day

Hey everyone,

I just wanted to remind everyone that this Friday, Nov 16th, we will not be having regular classes. We are having a special bring a friend day class schedule with the Alabama and Auburn theme. We encourage all students to bring a friend to this very exciting class. If they do bring a friend they get a chance to win our Alabama or Auburn fan Pack, which includes all kinds of cool gear with their team on it.

The Schedule for Friday will be:

Auburn Fans: 4:00

Alabama Fans: 5:00

If you don't like either team or a different team you are still welcome to come to either class and I know you will have a blast in class as well.

Looking forward to seeing all the Auburn and Alabama students and their friends on Friday!